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Brasserie du Parc

1926 - 2021

A tribute to the past. Discover the rich history of our beloved art deco brasserie.

The preferred spot for artists, businessmen and tourists alike, as well as the native "Ostendenoare".

The 'Brasserie du Parc' is a well-known and established name in Ostend and far beyond, because of its authentic art deco interior and unique atmosphere.

It is located on the picturesque Marie-José square in the center of Ostend, barely sixty meters away the famous Casino-Kursaal: an architectural gem of modernism.

Thanks to its unique location, you can enjoy the lively city bustle from the sunny terrace of the brasserie in the summer, and in winter the typical brasserie atmosphere comes alive in this entirely authentic art deco interior.

A legacy of taste

Tradition meets heritage

The brasserie is an ideal spot to enjoy a coffee served in a silver filter, a special beer, an aperitif, fresh pint or other drink. Alone or in company. The menu suggests a range of fine dishes served by friendly and neatly dressed waiters.

This tradition is maintained to this day and has a whole story that we would like to share with you here...

Take advantage of the

Art deco elements

Did you know that there are several remarkable Art deco elements, present in the interior of the Brasserie du Parc?

These unique decorative designs were even officially registered as trademarks with OHIM. Be inspired by the B2B opportunities of using these exclusive art deco elements in your own products, interior designs and more.

Art deco plafond